Quynh is a fully licensed Vietnamese restaurant that was established in January 3, 2003 and is located just a few doors down from the Sunridge Cinema. You will enjoy the surroundings, from custom made furnishings & decor imported from Vietnam for a true cultural experience. To tantilize your artistic impressions we periodically introduce new art to refresh your journey to Vietnam.

From our crispy spring rolls, to our huge bowls of beef noodle soups, our exotic and savoury menu will please every diner. With a rating of 4 stars for food, service and ambience given by Calgary's Sun food critic Louis B. Hobson, you can't go wrong.

Quynh is a family owned restaurant named after the eldest daughter and a Vietnamese flower that only blooms at midnight, symbolic of ones good luck and prosperity.

Vietnamese cuisine encompasses the foods and beverages of Vietnam, and features a combination of five fundamental taste elements (Vietnamese: ngu vi) in the overall meal. Each Vietnamese dish has a distinctive flavor which reflects one or more of these elements. Common ingredients include fish sauce, shrimp paste, soy sauce, rice, fresh herbs, and fruits and vegetables. Vietnamese recipes use lemongrass, ginger, mint, Vietnamese mint, long coriander, Saigon cinnamon, bird's eye chili, lime, and basil leaves. Traditional Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of oil, and reliance on herbs and vegetables. With the balance between fresh herbs and meats and a selective use of spices to reach a fine taste, Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide.